This Leak Reveals the New Action Button Design of iPhone 15 Pro Models in All Its Glory

The iPhone 15 series is coming later this year with a boatload of upgrades over the previous generation. In the early stages, rumors of making a complete switch from the physical keys were gaining momentum. To be exact, Apple did go for that route but eventually had to back out due to unresolved issues.

So, Apple had to eventually push that design to the iPhone 16 Pro models. Well, even though Apple has ditched the solid-state buttons for the iPhone 15 Pro phones, the plan for the Action Button still seems on. In fact, a detailed set of CAD files has just leaked, which reveals valuable information bout the much-rumored design change. The CAD files show changes in the cameras too.

Leaked CAD Files Showcase New Design of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Models

The previous rumors regarding the iPhone 15 Pro models utilizing solid-state buttons also said that Apple would use additional Taptic Engines for haptic feedback. While the plans for that change have shifted to iPhone 15 Pro models, the previously found Mute Switch may not make it to the new models.

Instead, the iPhone 15 Pro phones will feature an Action Button. And the leaked CAD files kind of confirms that the accessory makers are currently working on a new design. And these new CADs line up perfectly with the previously leaked 1:1 high-quality renders.

As you can see, Apple has completely ditched the solid-state buttons. Instead, Apple has reverted to traditional button design for the iPhone 15 Pro models with separated volume buttons. But the main highlight is the lack of a mute switch. Instead, the CAD files showcase a mute button, which is likely to be named Action Button.

Action Button iPhone 15
iPhone15 Pro on the Left and iPhone 14 Pro on the Right

It is unknown whether the new Action Button will completely replace the functionality of the mute switch. Many are speculating it could emulate the Apple Watch Ultra's Action Button. And that button allows you to customize the action according to your preference. In other words, you can program it to do several tasks.

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As you might have guessed, the Action Button will be an exclusive for the iPhone 15 Pro lineup. That is, the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models will have the traditional mute switch. So, Apple could indeed add some special features to the new button.

Camera Changes

So, the new iPhone 15 CAD files are not just all about the Action Button. Instead, they shed light on a slightly changed camera bump. The early schematics showed a gargantuan bump with individual protrusions that were larger than the bump found on the iPhone 14 Pro.

But with the new CADs, the camera bumps appear to be in the reasonable range. Yes, the bumps are still larger than the iPhone 14 series. But the protrusions are not as comical as showcased in the previous CADs. That said, the bump on the iPhone 15 Pro Max looks to be a bit larger. This leads us to believe that the periscope zoom lens for the highest-end model might actually be a thing.

iPhone 15 Pro Camera Bump
Camera bump on the new renders

However, the iPhone 15 Pro does not appear to have the same treatment. It is not rumored to feature the periscope zoom lens either. For that reason, we were not surprised to see it having less bump on the back than the 15 Pro Max model.

iPhone 15 Pro Narrow Bezels

With the camera and new button design, the CAD also corroborates several design details in the previous CAD models. For example, the new renders show incredibly narrow bezels, the presence of USB-C, and a much rounder frame than the iPhone 14 series.

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