Tesla hires 200 Chinese engineers to work in California

American electric car manufacturing giant, Tesla, has been expanding its business in different parts of the world. The company already has gigafactories on at least three continents. It has in North America, Asia and Europe. Its gigafactory in Berlin, as well as the one in Shanghai, is currently producing millions of cars. However, the company plans to expand its factory capacity in the U.S. According to recent reports, Tesla will employ the services of no less than 200 Chinese expatriates. The report claims that Tesla will deploy engineers and some production staff from its Shanghai factory to the U.S. These staff were involved in the expansion of its Shanghai gigafactory. They will replicate the same feat in Tesla’s Fremont, California plant.

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Tesla to expand its Fremont factory

Tesla is trying all it can to boost the production capacity of its California plant. This move could help the facility boost vehicle production. There are specific professionals that Tesla needs to do the expansion in its Fremont plant. The company needs automation and control engineers to help ramp up production at the Fremont plant. At the moment, the Fremont plant produces a short list of cars. The plant produces Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

It is important to note that these Chinese expatriates will not be in the U.S. permanently. The company will use these 200 Chinese professionals temporarily. The employees will travel to the Fremont plant, and the mission will last at least three months. However, this is not an official report. There is a possibility that the mission could last for much more than three months. Nevertheless, there are reports that the first batch of Chinese employees will depart for the United States as early as this month.

At the moment, a Tesla representative declined to comment on this report. Thus, there is no official report from the company regarding this report.

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