Snapchat My AI Service Is Available to All Users for Free!

In case you missed it, Snapchat My AI is an OpenAI-powered bot that was first made available to Snapchat Plus subscribers. It stayed like that for about two months, during which only the 3 million paid users of Snapchat could only have access to the personalized chatbot.

Now, Snapchat My AI is going to be available to all of the 750 million monthly Snap users for free. In other words, the chatbot is becoming an integral part of Snapchat. To be exact, it is not even confined to its chat window. You can also add it to Snap group chats by mentioning it with the @ symbol.

What's New For Snapchat My AI

So, with the introduction of Snapchat My AI to the free users of the platform, Snapchat has added some new features. For example, My AI can now recommend you AR filters that you can use with your phone camera. It also can suggest places to visit from the app's map tab.

Bitmoji Customization

Other than that, the old features are still there, which include customizing the Bitmoji avatar, naming your chatbot according to your preference, and changing the overall look of the My AI. That said, Snapchat My AI will not be integrated into the search engine. It will not behave like one, either.

Gizchina News of the week

That is the race for and , which Snapchat CEO wants to use the technology as an “awesome creative tool.” But how creative can Snapchat My AI can be? Snap CEO shared a personal interview during a recent interview. In that example, he explains how My AI can be used to create bedtime stories for children.

Snapchat My AI

Moreover, you can use Snapchat My AI to plan a birthday itinerary for someone special. Basically, you can do a lot of things. But of course, the AI sticks closely with the Snap community guidelines. So, don't be surprised if it does not want to answer some prompts.

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