Huawei reveals replacement part costs for new Pocket 2 foldable

Earlier this week, Huawei unveiled its newest clamshell-style folding phone, the Pocket 2. It succeeds the Huawei Pocket S smartphone released back in 2022.

While the Pocket 2 isn’t available for purchase yet, it’s set to hit the market on March 1st, 2024. Leading up to the release, Huawei has already disclosed the prices for spare parts of the Pocket 2 smartphone.

Unsurprisingly, the motherboard is the most expensive component. The 12GB+256GB option costs 3,299 yuan, while the 12GB+512GB model costs 3,699 yuan, and the top-end 12GB+1TB variant costs 4,399 yuan.

The display comes in as the second priciest part, costing 3,019 yuan. However, a discount brings it down to 2,399 yuan. On the other hand, the least expensive component is the receiver at a mere 89 yuan.

Here’s a full breakdown of Huawei Pocket 2 spare part prices:

Part Price (yuan)
Screen 2,399 (after discount)
Motherboard  – 3299 (12GB+256GB)
– 3699  (12GB+512GB)
– 4399  (12GB+1TB)
Battery 299
Battery cover 589
Rear camera – 539  (main)
– 265  (wide angle)
– 279 (telephoto)
– 249 (hyperspectral)
Camera lens 129
Front camera 269
Adapter 130
Data cable 69
Speaker 107
Charging interface 181
Receiver 89
Fingerprint sensor 96

It’s important to note that these prices are representative of repair costs in China only. Additionally, these are just the prices for individual components, and the actual repair cost may be higher depending on the extent of the damage.

Apart from the cost of spare parts, there is also a labor fee associated with repairs. The labor fee ranges from 50 yuan to 100 yuan, depending on the maintenance level. For non-warranty repairs, the total cost will be the sum of the spare parts price and the labor fee.



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