Google Pay app shutting down in the US in June

In a recent update, Google has declared that the standalone Google Pay app will be discontinued in the United States on June 4, 2024, as part of its strategy to consolidate its payment services. This move aims to streamline Google’s payment offerings by focusing on Google Wallet, which has gained significant traction over Google Pay, […]

A Guide to Maximize the Wi-Fi Experience on Your Android

In today’s hyper-connected world, a reliable internet connection is paramount. While on the go, mobile data provides access, but when at home, Wi-Fi reigns supreme. Offering superior speeds and stability, Wi-Fi leverages your home’s internet plan, often utilizing fiber optic technology for exceptional bandwidth. Connecting to Wi-Fi is straightforward, requiring either the network password or […]

Chrome 123 Update: Bringing an Android-Style Media Player to Desktop

Google is maintaining its rapid release schedule for Chrome with the promotion of Chrome 123 to the beta channel. This follows the stable release of Chrome 122 last week. The stable release of Chrome 123 is scheduled for March 13, 2024. Initially, it will be available to a small percentage of users before reaching most […]

Windows 11 Breakthrough: Say Goodbye to Reboots

A recent discovery in the developer channel of Windows 11 hints at a potential shift in how the operating system handles monthly updates. According to Windows Central, Microsoft is testing a new mechanism known as “hot patching”. It aims to minimize the need for system reboots, particularly for security updates. Windows 11 Breakthrough: Say Goodbye […]

Huawei reveals replacement part costs for new Pocket 2 foldable

Earlier this week, Huawei unveiled its newest clamshell-style folding phone, the Pocket 2. It succeeds the Huawei Pocket S smartphone released back in 2022. While the Pocket 2 isn’t available for purchase yet, it’s set to hit the market on March 1st, 2024. Leading up to the release, Huawei has already disclosed the prices for […]

Apple’s First Foldable May Not Be The iPhone But Something Larger: Report

Recent reports have revealed Apple’s plans of a foldable iPhone. The foldable phone segment has come a long way since Samsung pioneered in 2019. The Cupertino-based tech giant has fallen behind in this competition. Now, DigiTimes reports that Apple’s first foldable offering won’t be an iPhone.  Apple is deciding on its first foldable device and […]

Google Tensor G3 is the first smartphone SoC with 4K 60FPS AV1 encoding support

Google‘s current-gen Tensor G3 chip, used in the Pixel 8 series, has a hidden feature — built-in support for the AV1 codec. This marks it as the first smartphone processor capable of handling AV1 video. Impressively, the processor can encode video at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second (FPS). For those unaware, AV1 is […]

Revamp Your Chats: WhatsApp Unveils Exciting Text Formatting Features

WhatsApp has added four new text formatting options to help users communicate better. Starting today, WhatsApp users can use bulleted and numbered lists, block quotes, and inline code to highlight and organize their messages. This makes it easier to break down large sections of text into something simpler to read. These new formatting options have […]