Apple’s First Foldable May Not Be The iPhone But Something Larger: Report

Recent reports have revealed Apple’s plans of a foldable iPhone. The foldable phone segment has come a long way since Samsung pioneered in 2019. The Cupertino-based tech giant has fallen behind in this competition. Now, DigiTimes reports that Apple’s first foldable offering won’t be an iPhone. 

Apple is deciding on its first foldable device and it may be something different

DigiTimes cites supply chain sources in its paywalled report. It claims that Apple has been working on its first-ever foldable device for at least five years. The publication adds that it could be a larger device instead of a foldable iPhone. This signals that Apple could take a different route in the foldable segment with a tablet or even a notebook. The report also states that the design is coming together and the phase of the project is nearing completion. The company is moving closer to mass production. 

It’s worth noting that DigiTimes only mentions about Apple’s foldable as a larger device. This leads us to speculate that it could be a part of the iPad lineup or an entirely new product category. The report reiterates that Apple has not suspended the work on foldable devices. It also confirms that past reports of pausing the development owing to screen issues and shifting the Vision Pro team to a foldable project are both true.

Apple is expected to launch its first foldable phone in 2025 or maybe later. The company usually takes time with new launches. In the case of foldable segment, it’s understandable since the hinge mechanism is at the heart of the device and the Cupertino-based tech giant won’t want to compromise on the quality. It’s too early to get excited and this report should be taken with a healthy grain of salt. 




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