You’ll Now Have To Pay a Premium for YouTube Premium

You’ll Now Have To Pay a Premium for YouTube Premium

You’ll Now Have To Pay a Premium for YouTube Premium

BY Ronil

Published 21 Oct 2022



YouTube Premium sees its first major price hike in selected countries. The company directly informs subscribers in an email about its family plan subscription going up by 23%. From November 21, 2022, you’ll have to pay $22.99 each month rather than the good old $17.99 for the Premium. If you subscribe via the App Store, the price jumps to $29.99 per month.

YouTube has not yet hiked the price of Premium for individual accounts, and it still costs $11.99 per month in the US. The family plan that allows up to six accounts to use the same subscription now shows the updated price on YouTube’s website. The email also says that the original YouTube Red family subscribers paying $14.99 per month will also see this $22.99/ month price hike, but not until April 2023.

YouTube Premium

Below is a list of countries where YouTube Premium prices were increased:

Country      Old Price New Price
United States USD 17.99 USD 22.99
Canada CAD 17.99 CAD 22.99
UK GBP 17.99 GBP 19.99
Turkey (Individual plan) TRY 16.99 TRY 29.99
Turkey (Family plan) TRY 29.99 TRY 59.99
Argentina (Individual plan) ARS 119 ARS 389
Argentina (Family plan) ARS 179 ARS 699
New Zealand NZ 19.99 NZ 29.99
Japan JPY 1,780 JPY 2,280

explains in the email that this price increase is necessary for the company to “continue delivering great service and features” to YouTube Premium family subscribers. Further, this will allow the company to “develop even more Premium features and continue to support the creators and artists you watch on YouTube.”

The email includes a link to cancel your membership if you are not happy with the hiked price. is aware that a sizable audience wouldn’t be fond of the price hike and has a support page for feedback for this.

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