You Can Now Use Google Wallet on Fitbit Smartwatches

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You Can Now Use Wallet on Fitbit Smartwatches

BY Ronil

Published 18 Nov 2022



Fitbit announced that it is rolling out support for services for selected smartwatches via a blog post. If you have a Fitbit Sense 2 or Versa 4, you can now use Google Wallet from your smartwatch. It works on the Fitbit smartwatches like on your phone, allowing you to make secure and contactless payments using your stored credit or debit cards. You’ll also be able to keep using Fitbit Pay, as the blog says: “Google Wallet will join Fitbit Pay as a new payment option,” letting you choose which service you want to use.

You’ll have to unlock the device with a PIN whenever you put it on or before your first transaction of the day. The company says it will prevent strangers from using it to make payments if the watch is lost or stolen.

Google Wallet on Fitbit Smartwatches

Fitbit also plans to bring Maps to its devices soon, but it could take some time. The company explains when it releases the Google Maps feature on its smartwatch, you will have to turn the Bluetooth on, and the Fitbit app needs to be open on your phone to use it on the watch. It will also require you to launch Google Maps on your phone and enter the destination. Doing so will activate turn-by-turn navigation on the smartwatch. You’ll see a summary of your stats, including steps, Active Zone Minutes, and heart rate, among other things, at the end of your navigation.

Google Map on Fitbit Smartwatches

Fitbit does point out, however, that you can’t use the Maps app and properly track workouts simultaneously. You can only use one or the other at a time.

Maps will not work if other apps are running.”

Wallet and Maps making their way to Fitbit smartwatches will undoubtedly make Sense 2 and Versa 4 more helpful.

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