Xiaomi Sound Pro Smart Speaker Launched

has officially launched its highly anticipated Xiaomi 13 series smartphones, which have been generating a lot of buzz in the tech industry due to their advanced features and sleek design. Along with the new smartphones, Xiaomi has also unveiled several other products, including the Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker, which is set to compete with other popular smart speakers on the market.

Sound Pro smart speaker offers flagship-quality sound

has launched its new Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker, which features a transparent upper part with ambient lighting that changes with the rhythm of the music. The speaker is available in black and comes with SBC and AAC audio transmission protocols, 8-ohm impedance, and a 3.5mm AUX port. Xiaomi claims that the speaker offers flagship-quality sound. The device is now available for purchase in the Chinese market.

The Sound Pro boasts a 7-unit acoustic configuration, upgraded from previous models. It includes a 3-unit full-range speaker for clear and transparent sound and a 3-unit passive radiator and custom-made subwoofer for an unparalleled low-frequency experience. The speaker also features a large woofer with a loud volume and can deliver a shocking 91dB of sound pressure.

In addition to its impressive sound quality, the Sound Pro also offers a 360-degree omnidirectional sound field, allowing the whole family to enjoy good sound no matter where it is placed. The device has also been expertly tuned by ’s acoustic engineers using professional software, resulting in a clear and balanced sound pleasing to the ear.

has also included its innovative computing audio technology in the Sound Pro, which has been upgraded to version 2.0. This technology fine-tunes the sound quality from input to output, resulting in a live-level listening experience. The Nightingale algorithm has also been upgraded to support independent adjustment of sound effects, allowing users to choose their preferred style through the Xiaomi Speaker APP.

In terms of design, the Sound Pro features a galaxy ambient light effect generated by LED lamp beads surrounding the device’s body. The light follows the music in real time, creating an elegant atmosphere. The speaker also has an intelligent perception of the human body, combining audio and visual computing technology that provides a sense of direction and smart lighting effects. Overall, the Sound Pro is a powerful and impressive smart speaker with high-quality sound and a range of advanced features.

Pricing and availability

The Sound Pro smart speaker is now available for purchase. The initial price of the speaker is 999 yuan, but there is currently a 10% discount on the package. The company mentioned that they will be giving away a Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro with the purchases on December 25. Along with the Sound Pro, Xiaomi also launched its Xiaomi 13 series smartphones, Xiaomi Mini Host, and Xiaomi 10G Router on 11 December. Xiaomi has yet to announce whether the Sound Pro will be available in markets outside China.


Via: gizmochina.com

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