Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP with 30sec fast cooling unveiled

has released its latest fast cooling air conditioner in China. Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP supports super-fast cooling and heating over a wide temperature range. The highly efficient air conditioner is currently available in China for 2,499 yuan ($375).

Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP

The Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP offers an AFP up to 5.3 that is useful when temperatures are much high. Cooling and heating using the new Xiaomi air conditioner are achieved within 30 seconds and 60 seconds respectively. Temperatures between -32 Celsius and 60 Celsius are supported, and this is impressive. The dual-purpose 1.5HP air conditioner is suitable for rooms up to 20 square meters in size. It also provides greater savings in electricity consumption when compared with previous models. Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP

The Giat Power Saving Pro features a self-adaptive prediction technology for cooling and heating loads. The compressor is capable of starting at a high speed. The heat exchange process is also excellent, combined with the cross-flow fan to deliver rapid cooling and heating. The ensuing circulating air volume in the system could rise up to 680m3/h. The Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP can combine with the Mijia humidifier to provide a comprehensive home experience. It also supports Xiao’s AI voice controls.

There are no indications yet on the global availability of the Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP. These details may surface subsequently.


Via: gizmochina.com

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