With Galaxy AI Update Around Corner, Buying Last Year’s Samsung Phones Isn’t Crazy

We know it’s always great to have the latest and greatest, but in the case of the Galaxy S23 lineup vs. Galaxy S24 lineup, the key differentiator is Galaxy AI. As of right now, One UI 6.1 (with Galaxy AI) is only available on the latest Galaxy S24 series, but as announced earlier this week, that’s all about to change come next month.

In March, the Galaxy S23 series (S23, S23+, S23 Ultra, and S23 FE), as well as Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, are all set to receive the Galaxy AI update. Due to this, if you were looking to score a new phone, while also saving plenty of money, snagging a 2023 Samsung device is not a terrible idea. On the fence about Galaxy AI? Here’s everything you’ll get with the update.

Pricing: On Samsung’s website, promotional trade-in values are active, meaning you can save up to $800 on older Galaxy devices. If you have no trade-in, don’t worry, as instant savings are currently active as well, depending on the device. As an example, let’s say you have a Galaxy Z Fold 3 as trade-in and were looking to snag a Galaxy Z Fold 4. Today, you can get your new Z Fold 4 for as little as $799. If foldables aren’t your thing, the Galaxy S23 Ultra can be had for as low as $675.

One thing to consider if purchasing a Galaxy device not from 2024 is software support. Samsung announced this year that the Galaxy S24 series and beyond would receive 7 years of software support. The Galaxy S23 series and older Galaxy Z devices don’t have that. However, based on feedback we’ve seen from people, it appears no one uses their phones for that long. Still, it should be taken into account.

If you aren’t someone who cares about having the absolute latest and greatest, it’s at least something to consider.

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