Why Do Google Pixel Devices Have Huge Bezels? Because Google Doesn’t Care!

The IO 2023 event was fully packed. Although the keynote speaker spoke for about one and a half hours on Google's AI advancements, it did finally announce three brand-new devices. That includes the Google Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, and the first-ever foldable phone from Google, the Pixel Fold.

If you take a closer look at all these brand-new devices, you will find one thing in common. All the newly unveiled Google Pixel devices have huge screen bezels. And if you are wondering why, the apparent answer would be that Google does not care about what you think about display bezels.

Prominent Display Bezels of Google Pixel Devices Are Not Something Google Worries About

To be exact, there are two common things about all the newly announced Google Pixel devices. Firstly, they come with the Google Tensor G2 chipset, which has been developed by Google and manufactured by . Secondly, all of them come with very noticeable display bezels.

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While the other key players in the industry are constantly trying to lower the size of the screen bezel, Google appears to be paying no heed to it. And even though Google did not say anything specific regarding the design choice, the IO even made one thing clear. That is, Google thinks ultra-thin bezels on Pixel devices do not really matter.

Google Pixel Fold Bezels

This message becomes quite apparent on the Google Pixel Fold, which is an $1800 folding smartphone. It represents Google's state-of-the-art mobile technology. But even this high-end Pixel device comes with chunky bezels. And it's not like only the internal display sticks with this design choice. The case is the same for the cover screen too.

Google Pixel Tablet Thick Bezels

Whether this message of Google IO on the Pixel devices will influence others is yet to be seen. However, Samsung has seemingly lowered its efforts to lower the screen bezel size. Take the Galaxy A54 , for example. The bezels on that phone are far from “ultra-thin.”

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