There’s Three New Handy Shortcuts for Google Chrome

Thanks to an update for Chrome on desktop that we can confirm is now live, users can easily search through their existing tabs, Chrome history, and bookmarks right from the address bar.

has built in three new shortcuts: @tabs, @bookmarks, and @history. If you type in one of those shortcuts into the address bar, then follow it up with a word that matches an open tab, page in your history, or a bookmark, you’ll be taken right to it. Below you can see the @tabs feature in action.

Having tested all three myself, I can confirm that it’s pretty handy. Personally, the tabs one won’t ever get used, but I’m not a psycho who has 20+ tabs open simultaneously. That’s repugnant. However, I will get some use out of this new @history shortcut. That’s very slick.

Again, these new shortcuts are now live in Chrome, so long as you’re running the latest version of the browser on desktop.



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