Telegram launches its own “WhatsApp Business” as a new in-app subscription

In 2018, WhatsApp responded to the growing demand for business communication with the launch of its dedicated app, WhatsApp Business. Now, Telegram seems to be following suit with the introduction of Telegram Business, a set of features tailored to companies within the existing Telegram app.

Telegram Enters the Business Arena with a Paid Subscription Model

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While both platforms offer similar functionalities to their standard versions, Telegram Business distinguishes itself through a monthly subscription fee of €4.49. However, it is currently included as part of the Telegram Premium subscription.

Bridging the Gap Between Businesses and Customers

Telegram’s foray into the business space signifies its commitment to fostering user growth. Unlike WhatsApp Business, which operates as a separate application, Telegram Business integrates seamlessly into the existing experience. This eliminates the need for businesses to manage multiple platforms and simplifies communication workflows.

Companies can activate Telegram Business by subscribing for €4.49 per month, with a discounted annual option at €2.83. Alternatively, they can leverage the current inclusion within their existing Telegram Premium subscriptions.

Feature Comparison: Similarities and Distinctions

Upon exploring Telegram Business, users will find several functionalities mirroring those offered by WhatsApp Business. This reflects a strategic alignment with the features introduced in WhatsApp Business compared to the standard app. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

  • Welcome Message: Businesses can personalize a greeting automatically sent to new contacts upon their initial message.
  • Absence Message: Companies can establish an automated response to inform customers about their unavailability, such as during closed hours.
  • Quick Replies: Pre-defined responses can be created for efficient communication, saving time and ensuring consistency.
  • Profile Enhancements: Business profiles can showcase the company’s opening hours and location through an integrated map.
  • Emoji Status: Similar to Telegram Premium, businesses can personalize their profiles with an additional emoji next to their name.


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Going Beyond the Basics: The Telegram Advantage

Beyond replicating WhatsApp Business functionalities, Telegram offers unique features within the Stories component:

  • Priority Display: Business stories appear higher in the feed, ensuring greater visibility.
  • Privacy Control: Users can view other stories anonymously, while businesses can see who has viewed their content.
  • Enhanced Quality and Features: Stories can be uploaded in double the resolution, maintain a permanent view history, allow customization of expiration times, and include longer descriptions. Furthermore, diverse formats like links are supported, and users can even save non-private stories from other users.

Cost Comparison and Considerations

While Telegram Business necessitates a subscription fee, it offers access to both its business features and the benefits of Telegram Premium (including the aforementioned Stories enhancements). In contrast, the WhatsApp Business app itself is free, but additional features require a separate subscription within WhatsApp Business Premium, and the WhatsApp Business platform also entails paid options.

Therefore, the choice between the two platforms hinges on individual needs and preferences. Businesses seeking a free entry point and prioritizing basic functionalities may lean towards WhatsApp Business. However, those valuing advanced features, comprehensive Stories functionalities, and a unified platform experience might find Telegram Business, despite its subscription model, to be a compelling alternative.

It’s crucial to note that Telegram Business is still in its initial stages, and the feature set might evolve based on user feedback and market dynamics. As the landscape of business communication apps continues to develop, both Telegram and WhatsApp are likely to refine their offerings to cater to the ever-evolving needs of companies and their customers.

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