Telegram Adds Download Manager, New Night Mode on Android

Telegram is pushing out another big update to end the week, this time with at least six new features or changes to the popular messaging app that are noteworthy. From a new downloads manager to refreshed attachment pages, night modes, live streaming, and public channel viewing, there’s a lot to like here.

For most people, the big changes you’ll notice are a new Download Manager, new attachment menu, and that new dark mode on Android. The Download Manager is new to Telegram and can be accessed from a logo in the search bar that pops up when you are downloading something. Within that area, you’ll see all of your downloads in one place.

The refreshed attachment menu will also be apparent if you send lots of pics or files to other users. Well, I guess I should point out that this will be new to iOS users – folks have had this sweet new menu with message previews for a little bit.

As for that new night mode, Telegram says that the interface on when in night mode is now semi-transparent. You’ll see subtle transparency in panels and headers so that you can see backgrounds and stickers as you scroll. Telegram doesn’t think Android has seen this type of visual effect until now.

This has apparently been on iOS since June and is now on our favorite platform.

Telegram Android Night

The rest of the new features are as follows:

  • Redesign login flow: On and MacOS, a new login flow with smoother animations is here.
  • Phone number links: Telegram will now let you create links to your profile using your phone number, in case that’s easier than sharing your actual username link.
  • Live streaming with other apps: Telegram has built in the ability to livestream through broadcasting/streaming apps like OBS and XSplit. If you fire up a video chat or live stream in Telegram, you can enter in streaming credentials to a streaming service to help spread your streamed video across the world.
  • New pages: Telegram has added new web preview pages of profile pages, so that way you can view public profiles or channels on the web with better design elements.

Telegram is usually pretty good at updating its apps across all platforms pretty quickly rather than slowly rolling them out. I’m not seeing the updates just yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them throughout the day.

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