Tecno pushes for 4 new Standards to improve Photography on Smartphones

Tecno is apparently pushing to introduce four new standards of photography on future smartphones. The company is taking a leading role in forming ‘Four ITU-T International Standards for Mobile Terminal Computational Photography System.’

As per an official announcement, the smartphone maker revealed that its four new proposals were successfully accepted by ITU-T Study Group. This makes Tecno one of the innovative brands that is working to promote the creation of new international standards for smartphone photography. For those unaware, the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is an organization that promotes authorized standards corporation, which has 193 member states and more than 900 private-public members. IT also provides an internal platform for telecom and Information Communication Technology (ICTs) and a unified voice for innovation in the industry.

Among its four new proposals, the company is pushing for ‘Metadata Management in Image Processing Algorithms.’ As various brands employ different image processing algorithms, Tecno is working on solving issues revolving compatibility and consistency. In simpler terms, make the image processing process more refined across the board. Another proposal is the ‘Guarantee for AWB Training Data Consistency and Reality.’ This standard will help deal with the problem of color cast and capture the ideal white light for improve image quality.


AWB or Automatic White Balance is the primary method for computational photography, and Tecno’s team is working on breakthroughs in the AWB module to unify the data collection and processing standard for the mobile devices category. This would again make the process more efficient and create consistency among different devices from various other OEMs. The company is also working on ‘Significant Progress in Image Aesthetics Assessment.’ As smartphone users now require higher quality images and better looking shots nowadays, Tecno uses its localized and inclusive aesthetics algorithms to help the photography experience for users.

Lastly, Tecno is pushing for ‘Standardization on Multi-camera Collaboration’ as well. As the average number of image sensors have risen over the last couple of years, mult-camera systems have become an important feature in the industry. However, the wide range of camera applcations were using different operating systems that caused gaps in the multi-camera collaboration technologies and created incompatibility among different manufacturers. Thus, experts from Tecno are working on standardizing the multi-camera collaboration, which will help specifications be shared and promote an industry wide collaboration. This system can even be found on its premium smartphone such as the newly launched Phantom X2.


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