Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra Early Black Friday Deal is $225 Off

Black Friday is an event that lasts for an entire month at this point, with early offers starting shortly after Halloween wraps up. Waiting until the actual Black Friday before finding incredible deals is no longer a thing you need to do. Take for example this Galaxy S22 Ultra early Black Friday deal.

is taking an instant $225 off the best of the Galaxy S22 phones, no trade-in required. This is a straight discount that drops it from $1,200 to $975.

That’s still a lot of money, of course, so you should also know that there are instant discounts via trade-ins that further reduce that price. For trade-ins of phones, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is fetching the most at the moment at $600. If you have one, when combined with the $225 off, you could land a Galaxy S22 Ultra for just $375.

The highest trade-in value is for the iPhone 13 Pro Max at $730. Some other noteworthy trade-ins for phones would be the Galaxy S21+ for $325 or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at $375. While these might not be the highest trade-in values we’ve seen, it’s the $225 off discount that still makes this worth considering.

Not interested in the Galaxy S22 Ultra and would rather own a Galaxy S22+? I’m with you making that play – in fact, that’s what I did. For the Galaxy S22+, you can get an instant $150 off plus trade-ins, like the Galaxy S21+ for $400.

These early access deals are good until November 18.

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