Samsung Wants to Update to Android 14, Next One UI Even Faster

was quicker than ever in 2022 to update its first phones to the newest version of Android. By pushing 13 and One UI 5 to the Galaxy S22 at the end of October, Samsung believes that it topped the release of the previous update. The Korean tech giant isn’t stopping there, though, and plans to be even “faster” for releases like Android 14.

In a blog post shared today, was proud to announce that they had released 13 only two months from when released it to the world and on Pixel phones. With 12, the timing actually looks shorter, because Google waited until October to release it. However, in most years, Google releases the new version of Android around August or early September and then we see companies like Samsung release it to their phones 2-4 months later.

Either way, wants you to believe that they were ridiculously fast at releasing 13 and One UI 5 and that they will continue their quick rollout over the coming weeks to their best phones. We know the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Note 20 have already seen the update, plus the Galaxy S21 started seeing it overseas a week ago and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 update should begin at any moment. The Galaxy S20 is also scheduled to get Android 13 this month (November).

But as for the Android 14 part of this story, mentioned that it will “continue to strengthen cooperation with and actively listen to user feedback to continue to update One UI faster and with higher perfection.” Whether they call it One UI 6 or something else, Samsung is showing no signs of being satisfied with their current update skills.

They are still the “king” for a reason.


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