Samsung Galaxy A52s was the most popular Android 5G smartphone in February 2022

According to a recent Counterpoint Research, the Samsung Galaxy A52s, which launched back in August 2021 was the most popular smartphone in February 2021.

In February 2022, the four most selling Android smartphones were all by Samsung (Via TechGoing). According to Counterpoint Research’s top 10 list of global top 10 best-selling Android smartphones, the Galaxy A52s sold the most with 2.90% market share, followed by the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, which managed to secure 2.87% of the 5G Android market share.

The Galaxy S21 Founders Edition captured 2.63% of the market, and the Galaxy A32 occupied 2.09% of the 5G Android market in February. Trailing the South Korean, OPPO Reno7 5G became the top-selling 5G smartphone from a Chinese vendor with 1.92% of total 5G Android phone sales in February.

Honor is recently on the rise to fill the void left by after the US sanctions shipped a sizable amount of Honor 60 smartphones in February, accounting for 1.81% of the global Android smartphone sales. The S12, the Redmi K40, and the Honor X30 occupied the seventh, eighth, and ninth positions in the top 10 rankings with 1.58%, 1.57%, and 1.51% market share, respectively.

The sales of the Chinese models are mainly driven by the domestic market where has now become standard with a penetration rate of 83% as of February 2022.

In total, the top 10  best-selling Android smartphones accounted for 20% of 5G Android smartphone sales in February. And Android smartphones made up 67% of global 5G smartphone sales in February 2022. Samsung is expected to remain dominant in the coming months as the brand has recently launched the new Galaxy A series which will likely be replacing the previous Gen A-series devices on the list.



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