Redmi 6A Exploded And Allegedly Killed A Woman, Xiaomi Is Investigating The Incident

According to claims by a Youtuber, his aunt slept and didn’t wake up the next day. In a tweet he shared on Twitter, he said his aunt uses a Redmi 6A smartphone. Which she usually keeps by her pillow side when sleeping. One night, they heard an explosive sound from her room, they rushed there and realized that his aunt’s Redmi 6A Exploded while she was asleep. And this had lead to his aunt’s untimely death according to the Youtuber. Hearing this, did not take it lightly and has begun investigating the incident.

 What Could Cause The Remi 6A To Explode?

According to the Youtuber who uses the handle @mdtalk16 on Twitter, His aunt who lives in Delhi – NCR may have possibly died due to explosion of the battery of the Redmi 6A. He went ahead to post a screenshot of the worn out Redmi 6A and a picture of his aunt laying in a pool of blood on her bed. Redmi 6A Exploded

In his caption on Twitter he called on to come to their aid in this difficult moment by saying…

It’s a bad time for us. It’s a responsibility of a brand to support

Responded To Claims That Redmi 6A Exploded

on the other hand replied the tweet as soon as they could. Their Twitter handle for India @miIndiaSupport emphasized that, the safety of customers is of utmost importance and that they take such matters extremely serious. They also said that their team will try everything possible to reach out to the bereaved family of the Allegedly deceased woman.

Redmi 6A Exploded

The Youtuber dived a bit deeper into the family of the deceased saying…

Her family is extremely humble. Her son is in the Indian Army. They don’t know much. She solely uses her phone for calling and YouTube. Now if brands don’t take responsibility for their actions and don’t take responsibility properly, if a family has to battle for justice, what’s the use?”

Hopefully will be able to get in touch with the family. And support them the best way that they can in this difficult moment.

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