PS5 Pro Enhanced Label Requirements For Games Will Enable Upscaled Resolution And Frame Rate

The PS5 Pro is widely expected to arrive towards the end of the year. Leaks and rumours have revealed plenty of information about the upcoming console. Details circulating about the device don’t seem to stop as this time a new report reveals about the games that are being developed for it. To take advantage of PS5 Pro’s abilities, Sony will use PS5 Pro Enhanced labels on games that fulfil necessary requirements. 

PS5 Pro Enhanced label for games detailed 

For those unaware, Sony first introduced the Enhanced label on the last-generation PlayStation 4 Pro. Games with the same tag are meant to take advantage of the Pro variant’s hardware improvements. Leaked specifications of the PS5 Pro suggest that it will get a GPU upgrade and specialized hardware for ray-tracing acceleration. 

According to the documents procured by Insider Gaming, the PS5 Pro will feature exclusive graphics mode including PSSR to upscale resolution to 4K, getting a constant 60 fps, and adding or increasing ray tracing effects. The Enhanced label is called Trinity Engine internally. The documents reveal that these features will be possible as the upcoming console will have 28 per cent faster RAM and a 67 per cent larger as well as 45 per cent faster GPU compared to the standard PS5. 

The publication notes that for games to get the PS5 Pro Enhanced tag if they meet any of the four requirements mentioned ahead. The first is increased target resolution for titles that run at fixed resolution and the second is increased target maximum resolution for titles running at variable resolution on standard console. The third condition is that games should achieve a higher target frame rate compared to the standard variant. Lastly, the titles should include ray-tracing effects that is enabled on the PS5 Pro. 



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