Pixel Phones Get Next-Gen Call Screening, More in March Feature Drop

Pixel phone owners, Google’s latest Feature Drop for March is now out for supported devices, bringing new features and tools to make your phone that much better.

Below is everything that’s included in the Feature Drop for Pixel smartphones.

Instagram Sharing: The first two highlights of the Feature Drop have to do with Instagram sharing, which could be really welcomed news if you frequent the app often on your Pixel device. Once your phone is running this upgrade (and you have the latest Instagram client), Pixel owners will be able to share 10-bit HDR videos to Instagram Reels, as well as upload and share Ultra HDR photos on the service. You’ll notice the difference immediately, as Ultra HDR photos are punchier with both colors and lighting than their non-Ultra HDR counterparts.

Next Gen Call Screen: Google is added a new “hello” chip that users can tap when screening a call. As Google explains, this button allows Assistant to prompt the caller to speak. Additionally, if you are unable to answer a screened call immediately, Assistant will let the called know to wait a bit longer.

Circle to Search on Pixel 7: Circle to Search, first launched on the Galaxy S24 lineup and then made available to the Pixel 8 lineup, is now available on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

These are other inclusions you’ll find for the Pixel portfolio, not exactly exclusive to Pixel smartphones.

  • Partial Screen Sharing: Partial Screen Sharing allows the user to share one app at a time instead of the full screen when casting, recording, or presenting in a video call.
  • Fast Pair: Users can now access previously set up Bluetooth accessories on new phones or tablets and Fast Pair will help you connect your devices that were previously used with your account in your Connected Devices settings page.
  • Doc Markup: With Google Docs markups, users can add handwritten annotations to a document from an Android device using only a finger or stylus.

Finally, here’s the breakdown of devices and which will see each new feature:

March Pixel Feature Drop

Google says these new features are starting to rollout today, so that may mean you won’t see them immediately.

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Via: droid-life.com

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