Nothing Phone (1) survives durability test, but don’t try bending it

After the launch of the Nothing Phone (1) last month, reviewers have started exploring it in detail with regulars to its long-term performance. We have already covered reports on its battery life and how hard it is to repair the device. Now, popular Youtuber JerryRigEverything has put the device through a rigorous durability test to see how much abuse it can take. So, let’s check out the results.

The Phone (1) survived the test with a few minor scuffs here and there because of its multiple layers of protection against drops and scratches. Nelson started his test as usual by scratching the Phone (1)’s display. At Mohs hardness level 6, the screen started to show scratches, and at level 7, the grooves got deeper. So the device’s back and the display will not get scratched by objects like car keys, however, with the Gorilla Glass 5 protection, the Phone (1)’s display is not entirely impervious to sharper things.

Following the scratch test for the display and the back, the Youtuber scrapes the sides of the device with a knife revealing that the claims of it being entirely made of Aluminium are indeed true. The host also tested the display of the device which managed to mostly recover after 40 seconds of being under the flame of a lighter.

For the final test was the bend test that the 10 Pro failed to complete and snapped in half. The Nothing Phone (1) fest solid when the pressure was applied from the back of the device, however, when Nelson moved to the front, the device did flex a bit with a low cracking sound.

Nothing Phone (1)
Nothing Phone (1) antenna band flex

Applying more pressure to the front, the device shows a little separation around the antenna band, which goes back to normal when the pressure is removed. It appears that there’s a strong mechanism internally that is holding the phone together from breaking.

In conclusion, the Nothing Phone (1) manages to pass the durability test without any issues other than the slight flex which occurs when you genuinely try snapping it in half.



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