Nokia and OPPO Sign 5G Patent Cross License with Royalty Payment Condition

Nokia and Oppo recently inked a significant multi-year patent cross-license agreement, putting an end to all ongoing patent disputes between the two companies. As part of the deal, Oppo will make royalty payments to Nokia, including catch-up payments for periods of non-payment during the dispute resolution. Here are the details…

Nokia signs 5G patent cross-license agreement with Oppo

The specific terms of the agreement are confidential. Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies, expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the mutual respect for each other’s intellectual property and Nokia’s contributions to R&D and open standards. This agreement is anticipated to bring long-term financial stability to Nokia’s licensing business.

Feng Ying, Oppo’s Chief Intellectual Property Officer, shared the sentiment, highlighting the agreement as a foundation for future collaboration. Oppo, a prominent player in the global smartphone market, continues to advocate for reasonable royalty fees and a constructive approach to intellectual property disputes.

Nokia’s extensive patent portfolio, built on a substantial investment in R&D, includes around 20,000 patent families, with over 6,000 related to 5G. The company adopts a fair licensing approach, allowing other companies to use these technologies without hefty investments in standards.

In the realm of 5G, Oppo holds a notable position as a key rights holder and innovator. The company has deployed 5G communication standard patents globally, showcasing a strong intellectual property presence. Reports from CAICT and IPlytics affirm Oppo’s robust standing in the 5G standard-essential patent landscape.

The collaboration not only resolves existing disputes but also opens doors for future joint initiatives. Both Nokia and Oppo, committed to innovation, aim to bring advancements in telecommunications technology, ultimately benefiting consumers worldwide.



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