Li Auto L7 EV Models Launched in China Starting at $47,000+

The Li Auto L7 EV has been launched in China with a $47,120 starting price. The latest Li Auto product is the fourth EV produced by the company. The L7 is a five-seat mid-size SUV that comes with an extended-range hybrid system. The model comes in three trims – Air, Pro, and Max. The models can deliver up to 1,315km cruising range and 210km electric cruising range.

Li Auto provided pricing details for the L7 Pro and Max versions back in September 2022. The entry-level L7 Air and L8 Air models were also recently announced by the EV maker. Both entry-level models do not have the air suspension systems present in the Pro and Max models.

Li Auto says it will partner with Svolt Energy and Sunwoda for the batteries in the L7/ L8 Air models. This is a departure from Li’s previous engagement with CATL for its EV batteries. Li Auto says it hopes to produce its in-house battery pack using the partnership. Both Svolt Energy and Sunwoda have established production lines for the Li Auto batteries. While Svolt will provide batteries for the L7 Air, Sunwoda will deliver the packs for the L8 Air.

The L7 has a similar design to the previous models. It has closed grilles, split headlights, and a sportier rear design than its predecessors. The interior of the L7 has a central control screen and a suspended rear cabin entertainment screen. It also has a HUD screen and a co-pilot screen.

Li L7

Four standard color options are available for the Li Auto L7 lineup namely white, silver, gray, and black. Li Auto says that there are also three special-edition colors additionally. Buyers will choose either the 20-inch or 21-inch rim for the models. The L7 has a decent audio system and the Snapdragon 8155 chip (with two chips in the L7 Max). The Queen Seat and a spacious trunk area are other features of the Li Auto L7 SUV.

Li L7

Li Auto says that the show car and test drive models of the L7 will be distributed across China from February 9. The L7 Pro and L7 Max will be delivered to customers from March 1, while the L7 Air is slated for delivery from April 1. The prices of the models range from 319,800 yuan ($47,120) to 379,800 yuan ($55,960).



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