LG Display Partners with Apple to Bring Micro-LED to the Apple Watch

According to recent reports, is planning to transition the Apple Watch from OLED to a new in-house Micro-LED display. While this move has been widely speculated, a display industry analyst has recently confirmed that the transition is indeed taking place. Here are the details…

Watch’s Transition to Micro-LED: What it Means for Consumers

’s switch to a Micro-LED display for the Apple Watch is a much-discussed topic in the tech industry. It was previously reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman that Apple plans to use Micro-LED displays in the Apple Watch starting in 2024 or 2025, with parts designed in-house rather than by third-party companies like or LG Display.

However, a new report by display industry analyst Ross Young adds further context to this story, stating that LG Display will begin production of Micro-LED parts in the second half of 2024, leaving enough time to produce panels for Apple. The move to Micro-LED technology could allow for improved color reproduction, better contrast, and even brighter displays in the Watch.

While it’s not yet clear which models of the Watch will be the first to make the switch, the high-end Apple Watch Ultra seems like a logical choice given its target audience and price point. The increased brightness could also be a benefit for customers who use the watch outdoors. It’s worth noting that Apple isn’t the only company considering Micro-LED technology for wearables, as a recent report suggests is also looking into the technology for its own wearables.

The switch to Micro-LED technology is a significant one and will require the help of companies like LG Display to make it happen. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how and when these tech giants will implement Micro-LED into their product lines.



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