Lenovo Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition with a color-changing glass back launched

Lenovo has unveiled the Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition tablet with an 8-inch display in China. The new tablet also features a color-changing glass back and is offered at a discounted price of 3,299 yuan (~$489). As with the Legion Y700, the Lenovo Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition may not be globally available yet.

The standard model, the Legion Y700 was released in China last February. The Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition comes with identical features to the standard model. The tablet is a great device and is as compact as it can get for an tablet. It is powered by a Snapdragon 870 chipset and has a chrome shell exterior design. The LCD panel of the Legion Y700 has a 120Hz display refresh rate. Two color options are available for the new tablet namely ice white and glare blue. Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition

The Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition is priced at 3,699 yuan (~$549) and it includes an inductive rear glass panel. The glass back changes colors while the tablet is in operation and could be exciting to gamers. The illuminating effects of RGB lighting during can give a lift to some gaming enthusiasts. Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition

There are now three versions of the model in China while it remains unavailable globally. enthusiasts outside China who are desirous of trying their hands on a compact gaming tablet could get it via resellers. Lenovo remains silent on scaling up the availability of the Legion Y700 tablet.


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