India pushes for Universal Charging standard for Smartwatches

Back in the 2000s, different phone brands had different chargers for their handsets. However, this soon started to shift with the launch of the powered smartphones. Now, it seems like a universal charging standard will also be required for smartwatches as well, with India pushing for this change.

Just recently, the European Union had mandated that will have to drop its Lightning Port and adopt the USB Type C port. For those unaware, the USB Type C has mostly become a standard for most smartphones and the iPhone maker was the only major brand that chose to stick to its proprietary charging technology. Although, the same cannot be said for the smartwatch market since different wearables features a dedicated charger even for varying models from the same brand.

The Indian government apparently has plans to enforce a new mandate to make USB Type C the universal charging standard for smartphones, but is even working on a similar charge for wearable devices as well. The Secretary to the Department of Consumer Affairs, Rohit Kumar Singh told PTI that the BIS might require all upcoming wearables to ship with support for a standard charging solution.

The consumer electronic products that were mentioned for a universal charging solution includes smartwatches, fitness trackers, wireless earbuds, and headphones. Unfortunately, it is still unclear what form the actual universal charging standard might take. Similarly, the timeline for this universal charging solution is also unclear as of right now. So stick around for more, as we will be providing updates when additional information is available regarding this matter.


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