Huawei and Chery’s Luxeed S7 EV, competing with Tesla Model S, starts delivery to public

Huaweis CEO of Consumer BG, Richard Yu Chengdong announced on Weibo that they’ve started delivering the long-awaited Luxeed S7 electric sedan. This is a big deal because it’s the first time Chinese state-owned Chery Automobile and Huawei are working together on such a project. Despite earlier production challenges attributed to semiconductor shortages and manufacturing issues, the Luxeed S7 has finally begun reaching customers.

The Luxeed S7 generated a lot of excitement in the market and garnered impressive pre-orders totaling 20,000 by November 28, 2023, positioning itself as a competitor to Tesla’s Model S in the premium EV segment. However, the standout feature is its affordability, with a starting price of approximately 249,800 yuan (equivalent to US$34,600), making it notably cheaper than the Tesla Model S.


There were initial setbacks caused by shortages of semiconductors and worries regarding a crucial computing component provided by Huawei. Nevertheless, these challenges were addressed, allowing deliveries to begin. Richard Yu said that a considerable number of vehicles are already on their way to customers. This achievement in deliveries marks a pivotal moment for both Chery and Huawei in the electric vehicle domain, potentially shaping the direction of their future partnership.

Analysts anticipate the Luxeed S7 to compete with other premium pure EVs in China, leveraging digital technologies such as autonomous driving and voice-activated controls. The partnership between Chery and Huawei, combining technological expertise with manufacturing capabilities, holds promising prospects in the rapidly growing Chinese EV market.

Luxeed S7 Electric Sedan

The Luxeed S7, the first sedan from Luxeed, a collaboration between Huawei and Chery, offers four variants, including Pro, Max, Max+, and Max RS. Built on Huawei’s advanced 800 V-based Giant Whale high-voltage platform, it promises exceptional performance and efficiency. 

Equipped with cutting-edge technology like Huawei ADS 2.0 ADAS software, it offers a CLTC range of up to 855 km for certain versions, along with rapid charging capabilities. Customers can choose between single-motor and dual-motor versions, with the latter boasting a maximum power of 215 kW and accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds. Advanced features such as roof-mounted LiDAR for enhanced assisted driving functions further enhance its appeal, making the Luxeed S7 a compelling choice in the electric vehicle market.

Analysts say that Luxeed S7 will offer advanced digital technologies, making it a strong contender in the growing EV market. The partnership between Chery and Huawei is seen as promising, leveraging Huawei’s technological expertise in areas like computing systems, radar, and autonomous driving platforms with Chery’s manufacturing capabilities.

As the Luxeed S7 hits the roads and customer reviews emerge, its features and performance will be closely scrutinized. Its success or failure could have significant implications for both Chery and Huawei in the competitive EV landscape.




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