Here’s the OnePlus Nord 20: Surprise, It’s Hot!

has provided details on its upcoming Nord 20 smartphone this week, with an official render of the device and specific details being released. From the one picture we now have, we can confirm, this phone looks pretty hot.

provided an exclusive to PCMag, who relayed all of the company’s information to the eager masses. We should see the device launch later this month, but for those who can’t wait, the details of the Nord 20 add up to a phone that should compete nicely in the budget range. The phone is said to feature a 6.43-inch FHD+ AMOLED panel, something not often found in that price range. The downside is that the display will be limited to 60Hz, as pricing restrictions do exist when we’re talking about a phone that should cost around $299.

Other -confirmed specs are an in-display fingerprint reader (these optical readers must be getting stupid cheap to produce), flat back design, 4,500mAh with fast charging, and two large rear-facing cameras. What wasn’t confirmed is the presence of a Snapdragon 695 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and OxygenOS 11. Yes, you’re reading that correctly — 11, not 12.

While specs are fun, let’s give a quick golf clap for OnePlus’ design team. This is a good looking budget device. It looks incredibly thin with the flat back, plus that blue is very handsome. Overall, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this device.

We know folks are struggling with OP right now, but if it’s around $300, this could be a great value buy.

// PCMag


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