Here’s how to Get Warner Bros MultiVersus Twitch Drops

At least in the form of a fairly full-featured Open Beta that is open to all participants, MultiVersus has officially been become accessible to the public. Not everyone will be able to play the game right away because it is in Open Beta; despite the Looney Tunes-themed layered gates.

The MultiVersus Open Beta is available starting on July 19, although the game’s official release isn’t until July 26. Player First Games and Warner Bros. have pushed the game online in Early Access up to that time; perhaps to stress test the servers.

This implies that only a small number of MultiVersus players will have access to the game for a whole week; regardless of whether they received a code, were granted access during a previous restricted test; or bought a Founder’s Pack, which grants everyone instant access on their preferred platform.

Although the developers will undoubtedly benefit from this rollout, it may come out as a little shady for a “Open Beta”; if you don’t have access or are unable to pay upwards of $40 to obtain it through one of the content packages.

Thankfully, the developers were aware of this and came up with a strategy for promoting the game while simultaneously offering free access tokens.

Twitch Drops have been part of MultiVersus’ Open Beta, like many other contemporary games. Developers are now able to gift codes to gamers that watch streams.

How to Access the Warner Bros MultiVersus Open Beta

Following a few simple steps, viewers may sign up for a chance to receive an Early Access code. If they are successful, they can then use their code to access the game. To be eligible for these MultiVersus drops, follow these steps:

  • To connect and link your Twitch account, create a free Warner Bros. Games account or log in.
  • To gain Early Access to the Open Beta, watch any Twitch livestream play MultiVersus with drops enabled for 60 minutes.
  • As you observe, check on your progress, and then get your prize.
  • Use your WB Games account to request Early Access to the Open Beta on the platform of your choosing.

When the complete game launches later this year, all of the features you acquire during Early Access will also be available in the normal Open Beta.

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