Here’s a First Look at the Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring was first teased at the beginning of the year alongside the launch of the Galaxy S24. Samsung wouldn’t say much about the new wearable at the time, but now that S24 buzz has chilled, they are ready to start the long-tease of their new ring, with an arrival slated for later this year.

At MWC, Samsung revealed high-res pictures of the Galaxy Ring, showing some of the sensors and size of the ring, as well as how it should look when on your finger. They also talked a bit about their vision for a wearable that isn’t just another smartwatch.

First, though, the important stuff – the Galaxy Ring should come in silver, black, and gold, and various sizes. As you can see from the images here, the outer design is slightly concave, while the interior looks to be a black plastic material that houses sensors. Samsung did not yet reveal battery life or the specifics on features just yet.

That in mind, Samsung expects you to be able to wear this Galaxy Ring 24/7, so that means sleep and everyday wellness tracking. The Ring will be “delivered in lockstep with Samsung’s broader vision for a more connected, integrated and seamless digital wellness platform,” they said in a press release. Samsung Health is where Ring’s data will exist, plus Samsung will rollout new features including My Vitality Score and a Booster Card that offer “new intelligent analysis to deliver even more personalized and actionable guidance day and night.”

The Galaxy Ring should remind you of the Oura ring if you are at all familiar with that product. As an Oura ring owner, I can tell you that I’m pretty excited to see what Samsung has done in this space. Oura makes a really nice product, but Samsung could do big things after years in the health and wellness space through all that they’ve learned from the Galaxy Watch and Samsung Health.

Any guesses on price? The Oura ring starts at $299 – will Samsung beat that?

Samsung Galaxy Ring - Silver


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