Galaxy Z Fold3 owners are reporting cracking screens for no reason

Galaxy Z Fold3 has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Several users have reported that their folding smartphone screens are cracking, even without any physical impact. The issue is not only frustrating but also costly, as the warranty for such smartphones is often already over, since they were released in August 2021.

PhoneArena published an extensive article that featured real-life photos of the affected users. One of the photos showed a crack almost in the middle of the internal display of a user who was still paying off the credit for the phone. The repair costs about $800, which is 73% of the original cost of the phone.

Owners of the Galaxy Z Fold3 have reported their displays shattering for no apparent reason

So, a Reddit user Snoo, who claimed to have handled his Galaxy Z Fold3 with gentle care, reported that after 15 months of ownership, the internal screen of his phone cracked along the vertical axis where the phone opens and closes. According to Snoo, he opened the phone 2-3 times a week, which raises questions about the durability of the device.

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Snoo wrote, “15 months in, opened the screen to show a friend who was interested and heard a cracking sound as it was nearly fully opened run along the center fold. I didn’t drop the phone. The right-hand screen no longer responds to any input, the left-hand does. Just saw the price to repair and that is shocking. Pretty gutted as loved the phone and in all honesty, I rarely opened the phone. Maybe 2-3 times a week if that. So, I can no longer use the phone when opened up. Sad times”.

Another user confirmed that the service center quoted a price of $800 to repair the screen, even though he had handled his smartphone very carefully and rarely opened it.

So far, has not commented on the issue, leaving affected users frustrated and searching for solutions. This latest development has raised concerns about the reliability of folding smartphones and the hefty cost of repairs. With no official statement from Samsung, it remains to see what steps the company will take to address this issue and ensure customer satisfaction.

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