Galaxy Ring Could Last for 9 Days on a Charge

Samsung is at the product release stage where it wants both to talk about its new Galaxy Ring and also not really talk about the Ring. They’ve teased in at an Unpacked, revealed its full design, colors, and sizes at MWC this week, and now they have apparently confirmed how long the battery might last on one. They don’t want to tell us pricing or the full set of health monitoring, but they will at least give us an idea about how long one might last on your finger.

How does 9 days sound? According to an interview in Korea, Samsung confirmed that the battery on the Galaxy Ring should last from 5 to 9 days.

For those new to smart rings, that sounds about right. The Oura ring is currently rated at up to 7 days, although I’m not sure mine has ever lasted quite that long. A range of 5 to 9 days is probably a comfortable way for Samsung to express the length of a charge on the Galaxy Ring.

While that’s just one bit of info about this still-semi-mysterious new wearable device from Samsung, I think the point is to show you that wearables don’t have to just be smartwatches that need charging every 1-2 days. If you don’t need a display to show you info, because your phone can do it with better detail, then a smart ring might be the option. And to be honest, it is actually a really cool option for those of us who don’t love being pinged by notifications on our wrists at all times.

Again, we still don’t know pricing, but because we are talking ranges, my bet would be between $200 and $300 for the Galaxy Ring.

I’m excited about this one. Anyone with me?


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