Friday Question: Is Your Android Phone Rooted and Running a Custom ROM Still?

Years ago, on Fridays, we would share Custom ROM Friday posts that would highlight new and exciting developments in the world of custom Android ROMs. It was great times, as it seemed like the majority of our readers at the time were deep into running custom software and accessing root permissions for tweaking all aspects of their phones. These days, though, there only seems to be a handful of people still practicing the lost art of flashing.

The question popped into my head because a headline is making its way around reddit: Google Messages RCS is not working on rooted, custom ROM Android phones. I then thought to myself, that must really suck for 10 people. It’s my belief that hardly anyone is still rooting and romming, but I could be completely mistaken, which is why I’m out here looking for answers.

Regardless of whether people are doing it or not still, that doesn’t take away from how important it can be for some people. Custom ROMs might be the only way for select phones to ever see newer versions of Android, so even though I may not be flashing them myself, I do still thank all of the developers out there taking time from their day to enhance other peoples’ lives and devices.

Let us know, are you still rooted and and running a custom ROM? If so, why?


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