DEAL: Last Chance to Get Pixel 8 Pro at $250 Off

Pixel 8 Pro at $250 off is a very good deal, so you weren’t expecting it to last forever, were you? Google will be removing this promotional price later this week, so if you were looking to get in while the phone is still at $749, now’s the time.

For those with a trade-in device, Google’s program can net you up to $750 off your purchase, meaning your new Pixel 8 Pro could ultimately be free. That’s pretty sweet, but you’ll need a very good trade-in for that. If you trade in a Pixel 6 Pro which seems more likely, you’ll get reimbursed $300. That’s still not bad at all.

If you need to be convinced to buy this phone, that’s a pretty easy job. The phone has an insane camera, really good software (and access to all of the latest Android 15 builds), plus 7 years of Android updates. This phone will last you a long time.

Again, the promotional pricing goes away this week, so have at it.

Pixel 8 Pro: Google Store | Best Buy | Amazon


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