DEAL: Brand New Unlocked Pixel 8 for Only $539 ($160 Off!)

For what will be a limited time, the good people over at Woot! are selling a new, unlocked Pixel 8 for only $539. That’s a discount of $160. That’s below Black Friday pricing, just to be clear.

You could sometimes see that there’d be a drawback with those high of savings, such as the phone being refurbished or sold via a carrier deal, but the only thing to note is that you’re limited to the Obsidian color option. Thankfully, that’s one of the best ones. Beyond that, these are new, unopened, unlocked 128GB units.

On the fence for the Pixel 8? There’s a lot to like. The smaller variant of the latest Pixel has a fantastic display, camera, battery, and size. We actually wrote a full review on it.

Follow the link below to snag a Pixel 8.

Woot! Link


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