Custom Quick Phrases In the Works for Next Hub Max

quite recently rolled out Quick Phrases to all Nest Hub Max owners, but already, it looks like the company may soon allow for owners to also add their own custom phrases for quickly accomplishing tasks without the need for an “Ok Google.”

Quick Phrases like “How much time is left” for timers and “Send a broadcast” for sending a house-wide broadcast already exist, but thanks to a bit of code digging by the good people at 9to5, we’ve learned that will soon allow for custom phrases to get things done. We aren’t yet sure to what extent these custom Quick Phrases will work, but for example, I could possibly set a phrase such as “Turn on the living room lights,” or “Lock front door.” At least, that’s the hope.

There’s no official timetable for when intends to make these custom phrases available, but if we’re seeing code for it, hopefully it’s soon.

What’s a Quick Phrase you might set when this goes live?

// 9to5


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