Chrome will remove the Discover feed on Android

Chrome on will soon let the user choose to purely and simply delete the Discover cards that appear when opening a new tab. This new feature should arrive in a future update.

When you open a new tab on Chrome version, you have a page displaying several elements: the logo, the search bar and the Discover drop-down menu. The latter may soon be completely disabled in an update.

This Discover menu displays news related to your areas of interest, from sites that you may not be used to consulting. Some prefer a blank, no-frills page. It will soon be possible.

Today, it is possible to deactivate this menu by pressing the small cogwheel. If the tabs no longer appear, the menu is still displayed. will give the choice to delete it completely. Thus, the user will no longer have any frills on his page.

For that, you will have to do a little manipulation and go to chrome://flags; which allows you to have control over certain features. Then, you will have to look for the Feed ablation tab and simply deactivate it. You will then have a much cleaner page. It won’t really change the face of the world, but it’s always good to know that you can completely modify your browser.

You can turn off “Discover feed” in Chrome for

This “flag” is already available in the Canary version of Chrome, but should arrive for all in a future browser update. As usual, it should automatically download to your smartphone or tablet and if not, you will have to take a look in the Play Store. For the moment, we do not know if will push this feature further or if it will only be a “hidden” function. Anyway, the Discover tab doesn’t seem to be really essential. We can understand that it annoys some people who just see it as visual pollution.

Before & After

has recently made another attempt to clean up the official online store Chrome Web Store. Google has notified app developers about new icons coming soon to the Chrome Web Store. Third-party extension developers will be able to get Featured and Established badges. They will mark trusted extensions that users can trust.

plans to give the Featured badge to extensions that meet best standards; and practices in terms of security, privacy, design, and user experience. Google is going to process proposals manually, but developers can nominate their projects for the badge starting April 20, 2022. The second Established badge will automatically mark developers with verified accounts and no records of service policy violations.

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