Apple Watch may face a ban in the US over its Blood Oxygen tracking feature

has recently been dealing with another legal dispute regarding the technology it offers. The latest one is another patent infringement case, which might affect the sale of its Apple Watch series in the US. So here are all the details.

The Cupertino based giant is no stranger with patent disputes. However, the latest battle has started off against the iPhone maker and could possibly even lead to the ban of the Apple Watch Series 6 and newer models in the US. The company is being sued by Masimo, which is a brand that medical grade products. As per the new lawsuit, the company is suing Apple for breaking five of its pulse oximeters, which is used on the Watch's blood oxygen monitoring feature on its Watch Series 6 and later models.

Just yesterday, a judge in the US International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Apple did break one of Masimo's pulse oximeter patents. Meaning, the company wasn't guilty on infringing on the other four patents. So now, the US ITC will decide if it will ban the import of Apple Watch models that can monitor blood oxygen levels of its users. According to Masimo CEO Joe Kiani “We are happy that the judge recognized Apple's infringement of Masimo's pulse oximetry technology and took this critical first step toward accountability.”

The senior official further added that “Today's decision should help restore fairness in the market. Apple has similarly infringed on other companies' technologies, and we believe today's ruling exposes Apple as a company that takes other companies' innovations and repackages them.” On the other hand, Apple responded by stating that “We respectfully disagree with today's decision and look forward to a full review by the Commission.”




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