Apple once offered Facebook a joint ads project and a paid subscription

The relationship between Meta (which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) and has been rocked after a privacy policy update on the iPhone. Cutting the social media giant’s advertising revenue by $ 10 billion a year. However, in the years before, Apple had twice offered Facebook ways to cash in on collaborative projects, according to the Wall Street Journal.

One of the ideas that brought to Facebook was promoted posts on the social network. The authors of such posts would have the opportunity for a certain amount to increase the visibility of their publications on the platform. Thus expanding the audience – the service had every chance of becoming popular with small businesses. Apple envisioned this service as an in-app purchase, and the company’s commission on such transactions is 30%. However, the social network did not see any significant differences in this model from classic online advertising. The proceeds from which the company is not going to share with anyone.

once proposed a premium subscription and a collaborative advertising concept to Facebook

released iOS 14.5 last year, an update to its mobile operating system that made it simpler than ever for iPhone and iPad owners to decide whether or not to allow applications like Facebook to track their online behavior.

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, which owns Tumblr, told a similar story. rejected an updated version of the Tumblr client that introduced the ability to promote posts. Until this feature was available as an in-app microtransaction – with a commission from Apple, certainly.

In addition, and Facebook discussed the possibility of introducing a paid subscription to the social network. Whose subscribers would not see ads on the platform. The interest of the iPhone manufacturer was just as obvious. The subscription also had to b take place as an in-app purchase. However, on this issue, the two technology giants could not reach a consensus. Negotiations on both issues took place from 2016 to 2018.

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