Apple Obtains A Patent For Under-Screen Face ID

’s Face ID is one of the most accurate face detection systems on the globe. But it caused a lot of headaches for the brand. We mean the Cupertino firm has had to use iPhone designs that it wouldn’t like to do. This statement is true for both the bangs notch design and the pill-shape design. Thus, to use this feature, Apple must scarify the full-screen appearance of its phones. If it could invent an under-screen Face ID tech, it would be great.

To Use Under-Screen Face ID In Future iPhones

According to the latest list released by the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO), has obtained a technical patent for under-screen Face ID. This means that future iPhone models might embed the front camera into the screen.

’s patent says that various sensors can be embedded under the screen. They include sensors for Touch ID, measuring 3D non-contact gestures (“air gestures”), pressure sensors, sensors for detecting position, orientation, and motion, health sensors, and more.

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Among the sensors under the screen, there could also be various optical sensors such as self-mixing sensors and light detection and ranging (lidar) sensors, humidity sensors, moisture sensors, gaze-tracking sensors, and other sensors.

As we can see, the location of the Dynamic Island is also changed in the patent. It uses a series of tiny transparent windows. Their apparent size and position can be moved around the display, activating and deactivating different pixels.

under-screen Face ID

says that common screens used in its devices have 13 layers. They reduce light transmission through these areas by up to 80%. This means that Apple will have to reduce the number of layers that contain sensor areas in the future.

There are some phones that use under-screen camera. So you might wonder why still doesn’t use a tech like this. But it’s one thing to hide a camera sensor under the display and quite another thing to put tons of sensors.

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