Apple celebrates 30 year anniversary in China with special event

recently completed its 30 years of establishment in China. Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, celebrated Apple's 30th anniversary by posting a message on Weibo. In the post, Cook expresses his gratitude towards all his colleagues, customers, and partners in China. The post also had a link inside, that takes you to China's official Apple website.

Here is what it says.

The message starts with Apple celebrating its 30 years of providing products and services in the Chinese market, contributing to the local community through educational and social events. Tim Cook says they have been proud to serve customers by sharing their latest innovations. They will continue to do so to enrich the lives of Chinese customers and help them connect with each other. Cook says this is an attempt to grow their technology to meet the community's requirements.

Cook also shared some data related to the company's business in the country. Apple has expanded opportunities for developers and created millions of jobs in China through the iOS app economy. From 2019 to 2022, the number of apps in China's App Store doubled, and small developers earned 59% more money from 2020 to 2022. Also, in 2022, it is expected that nearly 23% of new App Store creators will be from China.

Furthermore, as per Counterpoint Research, Apple has secured a 20% market share in the Chinese market, making it the top market holder in the first quarter of 2023. This achievement is noteworthy, especially when compared to rivals such as , , Honor, and .

To celebrate its 30th anniversary in China with Chinese customers, Apple will hold a special event today, August 18th, at the Apple Sanlitun retail store, the first Apple store opened in China 15 years ago. There will be performances by music producers, singers, and Zhang Yadong, also known as “The Golden Producer.”




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