Android TV’s Android 13 is Ready

We may be heading into a weekend, but there’s big news arriving for the TV platform. Android 13 is now available! Well, it’s available for some devices, mostly ’s own developer devices as it’ll take time for the consumer-facing devices to get up on this new goodness.

For those who own the ADT-3 device (or are into emulators), Google has released 13. This is the official Android 13 build for Android TV and can be tested on the device in two ways if you are a developer. You can use the TV interface or the standard Android TV interface.

13 for Android TV will potentially have cool new features for you and I to utilize at some point, but for now we’re still talking about developer-related improvements. is giving developers controls over audio attribute support for active audio devices, the ability to change default resolution and refresh rate, different keyboard layouts, and more. You’ll want to read Google’s entire write-up on it if you are a dev.

To get started with 13 on Android TV, you can grab the latest release here.


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