Tim Cook says first-time users of Vision Pro often feel “emotional”

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently shared his insights on the emotional impact of the company’s latest spatial computing headset, the Vision Pro. In a tweet, Cook expressed his delight at the Apple Design Team’s achievement in winning the prestigious Black Pencil award from the Design & Art Directors Association (D&AD) for the Vision Pro’s groundbreaking visionOS operating system.

Profound Impact on Users

Cook emphasized that Vision Pro’s impact is so profound that people often feel emotionally touched when they try it for the first time. He attributed this response to the breakthrough achievements of Apple’s design and engineering teams over the years. In the tweet as shown in the screenshot above, Cook said

“…The result is so profound that people are often emotional the first time they try it. I’ve seen it first hand”, Cook said, congratulating the Apple Design Team for their achievement.

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The Vision Pro’s micro-OLED displays and advanced hand and eye tracking have set new standards in the XR industry. Users can interact with the headset by simply looking at what they want to open and performing a pinching gesture, making navigating visionOS an effortless experience.

Industry Recognition

The Vision Pro’s visionOS operating system secured the prestigious Black Pencil award at the UK’s Design and Art Direction Awards (D&AD). This recognition marks the first time an Apple product has received this honor since the iPad in 2011 and the first time during Tim Cook’s tenure as CEO.

The Black Pencil is D&AD’s most esteemed award, given only to groundbreaking work. According to the organization, which has been awarding the Pencils since 1962, only a very small number of works, if any, receive this honor each year.

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite its impressive features, the Vision Pro’s high price point of up to $3,499 keeps it out of reach for most consumers and enthusiasts. Also, the absence of dedicated controllers and official support for PC VR games could limit its appeal. However, Apple’s entry into the XR market is expected to bring more attention to the industry as a whole. VR adoption in the U.S. remains limited, with only 25% of adults having tried it, but among those who have, 80% continue to engage with the technology. Addressing affordability and expanding compatibility could further enhance the Vision Pro’s appeal and solidify Apple’s position as a leader in the XR industry.

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