Lenovo Thinkplus LS100 Solid State Drive Review


The Lenovo Thinkplus LS100 Solid State Drive (SSD) is a compact and high-speed external storage solution designed for users who need reliable performance and portability. Available in 256GB and 512GB capacities, this SSD features a Type-C interface and supports USB 3.2, offering impressive data transfer speeds up to 2100MB/s. In this review, we’ll explore the key features, performance, design, and overall value of the Lenovo Thinkplus LS100 SSD.

Key Features

High-Speed Performance

One of the standout features of the Lenovo Thinkplus LS100 SSD is its remarkable data transfer speed. With read speeds of up to 2100MB/s, this SSD is designed to handle demanding tasks such as video editing, large file transfers, and running applications directly from the drive. The USB 3.2 interface ensures that data transfer is not bottlenecked by older USB standards, making it a future-proof choice for high-performance needs.

Portable and Durable Design

The Lenovo Thinkplus LS100 is incredibly portable, with a sleek and lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around. The compact form factor means it can easily fit into a pocket or bag, making it ideal for professionals on the go. Despite its small size, the SSD is built to be durable, with a shock-resistant body that protects your data from physical impacts.

Type-C Interface

The inclusion of a Type-C interface is a significant advantage, offering reversible connectivity and broad compatibility with modern devices. Whether you are using a laptop, desktop, or even some smartphones and tablets, the Type-C connection ensures seamless integration. Additionally, the SSD is backward compatible with USB 3.1 and USB 3.0, providing flexibility for users with older devices.


In real-world usage, the Lenovo Thinkplus LS100 delivers outstanding performance, particularly in scenarios that demand high data throughput. Benchmarks show that it consistently reaches close to its advertised speeds of 2100MB/s for sequential reads, making it one of the faster external SSDs in its class. This high performance is particularly beneficial for tasks such as:

  • Video Editing: The SSD’s speed allows for smooth playback and editing of 4K videos directly from the drive.
  • Gaming: Games installed on the SSD load significantly faster compared to traditional hard drives.
  • Data Backup: Large backups can be completed quickly, reducing downtime.

Design and Build Quality

The Lenovo Thinkplus LS100 sports a minimalist design with a matte finish that resists fingerprints and smudges. Its build quality is robust, with a metal casing that not only adds to its durability but also aids in heat dissipation, ensuring that the drive remains cool during extended use. The compact dimensions and light weight make it a perfect companion for users who need a reliable storage solution on the move.


Thanks to its USB Type-C interface, the Lenovo Thinkplus LS100 is compatible with a wide range of devices, including the latest laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. It supports plug-and-play functionality on major operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, requiring no additional drivers or software for basic operation. This compatibility makes it a versatile choice for users with diverse tech ecosystems.

Value for Money

When it comes to value, the Lenovo Thinkplus LS100 offers a compelling package. Its combination of high-speed performance, durable design, and broad compatibility justifies its price point. For users looking for a reliable and fast external SSD, the LS100 stands out as an excellent investment, particularly for those who require rapid data transfer and robust build quality.


The Lenovo Thinkplus LS100 Solid State Drive is a top-tier external storage solution that excels in performance, portability, and durability. Its high data transfer speeds, Type-C interface, and solid build make it an ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you need a drive for video editing, gaming, or regular data backups, the LS100 is designed to meet and exceed expectations.

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