Keychron K5 Max keyboard launched with three-connectivity modes

Keychron, a manufacturer of custom mechanical keyboards, has announced the release of their new K5 Max QMK/VIA keyboard. This ultra-slim wireless model focuses on extensive customization and versatile connectivity options. So let’s get into its detail here.

Keychron K5 Max specifications

The K5 Max features a classic 100% full-size layout, making it suitable for users accustomed to a traditional keyboard experience. It offers multiple connection methods, including Bluetooth, wired USB-C, and a low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless mode for those prioritizing responsiveness.

The K5 Max utilizes Jiadalong Low Switch 2.0, offering users a choice between red (linear) and brown (tactile) switch variations.

A key highlight of the K5 Max is its compatibility with QMK/VIA software. This open-source tool allows users to extensively customize the keyboard’s functionality, including remapping keys and creating complex macros.

The K5 Max also includes LSA profile keycaps for both Windows and macOS operating systems. Select versions will offer hot-swappable Gateron low-profile MX mechanical switches, allowing users to easily change the typing feel of the keyboard.

Moreover, the keyboard offers full key rollover for accurate input registration and hot-swappable switches for easy replacement or experimentation with different switch types. 

It also boasts a 1000Hz return rate for rapid responsiveness. The K5 Max is available in both RGB and simple white LED backlight options to cater to different preferences. 

A built-in 2000 mAh battery powers the keyboard for wireless use, and it weighs 720 grams. Additionally, the keyboard offers a choice of three tilt angles (2.4/4.2/6.5 degrees) for ergonomic comfort during extended typing sessions.

Pricing and Availability

The Keychron K5 Max keyboard is available for purchase for USD 99 via the company’s official site. While the Chinese audience can get it from TMall for 599 yuan. 



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