Handy Windows Shortcuts for Gaming on PC

Keyboard shortcuts don’t always have to be productivity-focused. They can have other purposes too. For example, they can help enhance your gaming experience on PC. Yes, you read that right. There are gaming Windows shortcuts.

But, yes, some are more handy and helpful than others. And in this guide, you can learn all about the ones that can take your gaming experience on Windows to the next level.

Windows Shortcut to Do Fast Toggles Between Windows

No gamer’s keyboard shortcut arsenal is complete without the classic Alt + Tab. This essential combo lets you seamlessly switch between windows, bringing the chosen one to the forefront in a flash. Stuck in a heated match but need to check a Discord message? Alt + Tab is your savior.

But here’s the power-user secret: hold down Alt to keep the window previews visible. Then, tap Tab repeatedly to cycle through them like a pro. Need to close a window on the fly? Hit Delete while holding Alt. It’s that simple! Master Alt + Tab, and say goodbye to the frantic desktop search during crucial gaming moments.

Shortcut to Get a Game Into Full Screen or Window

Full Screen Game

Gamers often face the dilemma of whether to use a full screen for max immersion or windowed mode for easy multitasking. But what if there was a Windows shortcut to conquer both worlds? Enter Alt + Enter, the key to toggling between fullscreen and windowed mode in an instant.

This gem is perfect for checking guides or chatting with teammates without leaving your game. It’s also a lifesaver when games have a mind of their own. Imagine launching your favorite title only to find it shrunk to a tiny window. No worries! A quick Alt + Enter, and you’re back in glorious fullscreen glory.

So next time your game gets a little windowy-weird, remember Alt + Enter – your shortcut to fullscreen freedom.

Windows Shortcut to Move Windows Between Monitors

Multi-monitor setups are a gamer’s dream. After all, they offer expanded real estate for epic battles and strategic overviews. But what happens when your game stubbornly launches on the wrong screen? Don’t fret, multi-monitor warriors! The Windows Key + Shift + Left or Right Arrow combo comes to the rescue.

This powerful shortcut lets you move any window between monitors. by pressing the corresponding arrow key. Stuck with a game dominating the wrong display? A quick keystroke sends it packing to the monitor of your choice.

However, some fullscreen games can be stubborn. In these cases, a quick Alt + Enter to switch to windowed mode might be necessary before wielding the multi-monitor magic of Windows Key + Shift + Arrows.

Remember, a locked cursor shouldn’t hinder your window-wielding prowess. This Windows shortcut works even when your cursor is trapped within the game window. So, you get complete control over your multi-monitor domain.

multi monitor Windows Shortcut

Windows Shortcut to Force Quite a Game

Even the mightiest games can succumb to the dreaded freeze. When that inevitable crash occurs, don’t panic! There are ways to reclaim control.

The classic Alt + F4 is your first line of defense. This universal Windows shortcut force closes any application, including frozen games. However, it doesn’t offer the opportunity to save progress.

For a more nuanced approach, consider using Resource Monitor (accessible via Windows Search). If you still have some control over your PC, Alt + Tab out of the game and launch Resource Monitor. Here, you can identify the game process and attempt to “end the wait chain,” potentially reviving your game without losing precious progress.

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Remember, Alt + F4 is a quick and dirty solution, while Resource Monitor offers a potentially game-saving (pun intended) alternative. The choice depends on the severity of the freeze and your willingness to risk losing progress.

Force quit

Force Restart Graphics Drivers

Gamers know the horror: a once vibrant game world plagued by visual glitches, strange colors, or a sudden blackout. These graphical woes can be caused by a variety of issues. But sometimes, a simple fix is all it takes.

Enter Ctrl + Windows + Shift + B, a shortcut not used every day, but a true lifesaver when needed. This powerful combo acts as a reset button for your graphics card driver. A quick press and you might hear a reassuring beep followed by a momentary screen flicker. But fear not, this isn’t your PC self-destructing! It’s simply your graphics driver getting a much-needed refresh.

While not a daily necessity, keeping Ctrl + Windows + Shift + B in your back pocket can be the difference between a frustrating graphical meltdown and a quick return to glorious gameplay.

Windows shortcut for GPU driver

Windows Shortcut to Take a Screenshot

In the heat of a competitive match, capturing that epic victory or hilarious glitch can be a must. But who wants to deal with clunky screenshot methods that leave you with unwanted desktop clutter?

There’s a better way! Windows Key + Shift + S is your gateway to the Snipping Tool, the ultimate screenshot champion for gamers. This Windows shortcut lets you capture exactly what you want, whether it’s the entire game window, a specific area of the screen, or even a freehand selection.

Unlike the limited Print Screen options, the Snipping Tool gives you the power to choose. You can select the perfect capture mode and, most importantly, decide where to save your screenshot. No more hunting for mysterious files buried deep within your PC!

So next time a gaming moment begs to be immortalized, ditch the outdated Print Screen and unleash the power of Windows Key + Shift + S. You’ll be thanking yourself for capturing those unforgettable gaming memories with ease.

To Record the Last 30 Seconds of Gameplay

Witness an in-game feat worthy of sharing with the world? Don’t fumble over external recording software! Windows has a built-in gem waiting to be discovered: the Xbox Game Bar.

Accessible via Windows Key + G, the Xbox Game Bar offers a treasure trove of features, including the ability to record the last 30 seconds of your gameplay. That’s right, with a simple press of Windows Key + Alt + G, you can capture those epic boss takedowns, clutch last-second wins, or hilarious glitches that make gaming so memorable.

Here’s the beauty of this Windows shortcut: it’s universally compatible. Unlike some graphics card-specific recording software, Windows Key + Alt + G works seamlessly on any system. Need a quick clip to share with your friends? This shortcut delivers without any unnecessary fuss.

Nvidia RTX 3080

Of course, for more advanced recording needs with extensive customization options, dedicated software like GeForce Experience or Radeon Software might be preferable. But for those quick, on-the-fly moments you want to capture and share, Windows Key + Alt + G is your secret weapon.

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