YouTube TV Gets More Non-Customizable Multiview Options

This week, YouTube TV announced that a small portion of its subscribers will begin to see new multiview options for simultaneous streaming, with the hope being that everyone have access to it later this summer.

Already on YouTube TV, multiview allows for the watching of multiple predetermined streams, which was ideal when March Madness was happening. Unfortunately, there’s no way to customize exactly which streams you’re watching simultaneously and it’s all predetermined by YouTube TV. I’m sure there’s a reasoning to this, but I’m not in the know and I canceled YouTube TV when they kept bumping the price.

The new multiview options range beyond sports. With the new streams, you’ll be able to watch multiple news channels (like some sort of psychopath), business news, weather, and Deportes streams at the same time. In total there are 5 new multiview streams, but again, they are all predetermined and relatively pointless due to this fact.

The way I see it, the “man” is controlling what you see.


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