YouTube Creators Gain More Control with New Pause Comments Feature

YouTube is introducing a fresh comment moderation feature known as Pause, aimed at providing creators with more control over their video discussions. This innovative feature empowers creators to halt the generation of new comments at the video level. While preserving those comments already in existence.

Manage Your YouTube Video Discussions with Ease: Introducing Pause Comments

Previously, creators on YouTube were limited to either holding comments for review before publication or disabling comments for their entire channels. With Pause, creators now enjoy increased flexibility. Enabling them to take a break from managing comments without the need to entirely shut them down.

To employ the Pause feature, creators simply navigate to the video-level comments setting and select ‘Pause.’ Once activated, viewers will be notified in the comment section with a message indicating that ‘comments are paused.’

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Moreover, the platform has streamlined the organization and nomenclature of specific comment settings. Simplifying the experience for creators utilizing comment moderation tools. The updated comment settings present three straightforward options: On, Pause, and Off, each serving distinct functions.

  • On: This option allows comments with optional moderation settings, including None (no comments held for review), Basic (holds potentially inappropriate comments for review), Strict (holds a broader range of potentially inappropriate comments for review), and Hold All (holds all comments for review).
  • Pause: This function temporarily suspends the comments section for a video.
  • Off: This choice completely deactivates the comments section.

Starting today, creators can take advantage of this newly introduced comment moderation feature. Enhancing their ability to manage and curate interactions within their YouTube videos. The Pause feature not only simplifies the moderation process. But also offers creators a valuable tool to maintain a positive and manageable comment environment on their content. With YouTube’s continuous efforts to improve user experience, this update marks a positive step forward for content creators seeking more streamlined control over their platforms.

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